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WHMCS to WSCMS If you are a WHMCS user,now is the time to upgrade to WSCMS! Also lossless and hassle-free. All WHMCS users who want to migrate to Wscms can now easily move all their data with a few clicks. You can migrate all customers, invoices, product...


What's New in WSCMS v1.4 PLESK Provide automated shared hosting on Windows/Linux with unique and advanced Plesk API. Wscms has a unique and advanced Plesk integration. Automate your shared hosting sales with the unique and advanced api integration in Ws...


WSCMS V1.3 Version Announced. What's New with V1.3 Paraşüt E-INVOICE (Only TR Users) Billing transactions are now very easy for WSCMS users! With Paraşüt E-Invoice module, you can get rid of printed invoice troubles and have your invoices delivered to your ...


V1.2 Release Notes (15/08/2018) Fixed the problem of updating the Hosting plan. Sitemio Agency script "Import Tool" improved. Bank Transfer sender name TR character problem fixed. An improvement was made about assigning the support request to the manager. F...


V1.1 Release Notes (09/08/2018) In the process of adding / editing hosting package, auto reseller activation problem has been solved.  The message information from the contact form has been improved. Admin css related improvements. The lengthy explanations ...

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